Why is Pizza Round But the Box is Square?

By Kitchen Warrior | Pizza Baking and Cutting Tips

Why is Pizza Round But the Box is Square - thekitchenwarriors.com

Millions of households eat hundreds of millions of pizzas a year. You read that right — hundreds of millions … if not billions of pizzas — every single year. Pizza is a meal of choice for college students, families, elderly people, young adults and children. Members of families from all walks of life can relate to each other by sharing their lives and experiences over a warm, cheesy slice of pizza.

However, there is a glaring issue present in all of these situations. This issue has nothing to do with the people in these situations, but rather the pizza being served. When pizzas are ordered from take-out or delivery stores, patrons are handed their goods in a traditional flat, square cardboard box. No one has ever argued with this process.

But, the issue lies in the fact that within every box lies four corners of empty, bare box. Every pizza served in a square box is round. Surely, some sane person has realized this and asked why this continues to occur.

This article will investigate the reasons why pizza is round, but the box is square, and uncover the reason every person who orders a pizza gets cheated out of their corner bits.

Stack-ability and Efficiency

In a forum on The Guardian, the same question was posed, and the community responded with reason and logic. One user spoke out in support of square boxes, saying that this shape was imminently more stackable and useful for restaurants.

However, this claim does not hold up in the face of evidence. The stack-ability of boxes depends not on the shape of the box, but the flatness of the top and bottom sides, as well as the thickness of the box.

A round box that retained the same height and flatness as a traditional square box would stack just as easily.

In fact, it might be easier to store these boxes, as large PVC pipes could be used as storage tubes, with the boxes stacked at the top, dropped in flat and dispensed at the bottom. Another user pointed out that square boxes could be cut from a single piece of cardboard and then folded into the proper shape, making the box-making process more efficient.

While this may be true, and impossible for round boxes, this just shows that no one in the pizza industry has invested any resources into solving this issue. If pizza companies were to invest in the manufacturing of proper boxes for their shape of pizzas, this problem would subside.

The modern world has created so many amazing and wondrous technological inventions, surely a round pizza box would not be that much of a reach.

Why is Pizza Round But the Box is Square - thekitchenwarriors.com

External Storage

Another common thought throughout several answers in the thread noted that by using square boxes, storage space is used evenly in freezers and refrigerators. They also said that nothing else would fit into the extra space that would be provided by using round pizza boxes versus square ones.

However, the space that would be freed up in a refrigerator or freezer by round pizza boxes rather than square ones would not be useless.

Rather, this space could be vital for someone with an already packed fridge. Imagine a refrigerator shelf with four traditional, square pizza boxes stacked on top of each other. The shelf is full, with no room for any other items. However, imagine the same shelf with round boxes. Two apples, or three individual yogurt containers, could fit into one of the corners that is now free. Imagine the possibilities!

Another option would be to invest in a way to store pizzas in their own pizza-sized refrigeration or freezer unit, that would be round in shape. Imagine this device like a mini-fridge, but for only one specific item. This way, the pizzas can be stored without disruption of the other items in the fridge or freezer.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to answering the questions of why pizza is round but the box is square, you can see the answers above.

With that being said, there are two possible solutions to this issue: making square pizzas or using round boxes. Whichever method is chosen, the world has been cheated for long enough.

The empty corners left by a round pizza in a square box drives intelligent consumers mad, as they eat their pizzas and mourn the loss of a few possible extra inches of pizza. Because there really is never enough pizza, right?