Pizza Oven Not Getting Hot Enough (How to Make it Hotter)

By Kitchen Warrior | Pizza Tools Advice

hot pizza oven

When you have a pizza oven, it is great to enjoy home-cooked pizza. A pizza oven gets very hot on the inside to cook your pizza all the way through quickly and perfectly. You get better crust and the dough is never soggy, and your pizza will have flavor and the perfect texture. However, if you find your pizza oven not getting hot enough, you will want to know how to fix it. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know. 

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Why Isn’t the Pizza Oven Getting Hot Enough?

The best temperature for your pizza oven ranges from around 750 to 850 degrees Fahrenheit for commercial pizza ovens. However, some home pizza ovens will be between 450 and 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Most of the time, the top of the oven will be hotter than the bottom, so if you have two racks, the higher one will be hotter than the lower one. 

You need to close the oven door when you cook your pizza in some ovens, and this is one potential cause for your problem. If you don’t close the door and let the heat distribute all over the oven, you will have hot spots and your pizza may cook unevenly. 

Other factors that control how hot your pizza oven can get are the thickness of the walls of the oven, the insulation, the design of the oven door, and the flue. Any of these factors could cause your pizza oven not to get hot enough.

How to Fix the Problem?

Once you know what is causing your pizza oven not to get hot enough, you can fix the problem. You may need to keep the door closed so that the oven heats evenly, and you should make sure that the design of the door doesn’t allow heat to escape. 

If the walls aren’t thick enough, you can add a fire blanket around the outside, or some people add another wall of bricks around their pizza oven. You may need to add insulation, and you should make sure that the flue is doing its job without releasing too much heat as well. 

You may need to recalibrate your thermostat if you find that it is saying that it is hotter than it actually is. If you are using an electric pizza oven, you should check the electric oven element and make sure that it is working properly. 

Make sure that the temperature sensor isn’t touching the wall because this could cause an inaccurate reading. These are all potential fixes that could make your pizza oven hotter.

How to Make the Pizza Oven Hotter?

First of all, you need to make sure that you give the pizza oven enough time to heat up. You want the heat to go through the entire oven, so make sure that the door is closed tightly, and leave it for as long as an hour or two. 

Use your infrared thermometer to verify the temperature. You should also make sure that the fire is well established before you start cooking. In a wood burning pizza oven, the heat comes from the wood, so you should use the right wood. Kiln dried hardwood works well, especially in ash or beech. The wood will glow red, and the door can control the temperature. 

With this kind of oven, you can open the door to increase the temperature because the oxygen in the air will feed the fire. If your wood burning pizza oven isn’t hot enough, try opening the door to increase the temperature.

Different Types of Pizza Ovens

There are four different types of pizza ovens, and each one has its own benefits and drawbacks. First, there are pizza convection ovens. They work by circulating air around the inside of the oven to keep an even temperature. This type of oven uses less power to reach the ideal temperature and hold it, and it does a good job of cooking the pizza evenly. You get consistent results when you use this type of oven. 

The brick oven for pizzas is the same as how they did it back in Italy. This type of oven uses wood to make a fire in the oven, and it can reach the high temperatures necessary for traditional wood-fired pizza. It doesn’t use any complicated technology, as you simply add firewood and monitor the temperature to get it where it needs to be. 

Another type of oven is the conveyor oven, which is either gas or electric powered. They heat the oven to an exact temperature, and the pizza goes in one side and comes out the other side fully cooked. These are more common in pizza restaurants. 

Finally, pizza deck ovens are smaller and have decks made of stone that are heated by a gas or an electric burner.

Final Words

If your pizza oven isn’t hot enough, troubleshoot the different problems and choose the appropriate solution. You can make your oven hotter for the perfect pizza.