How to Cut a Pizza into 8 Slices?

By Kitchen Warrior | Pizza Baking and Cutting Tips

How to Cut a Pizza into 8 Slices -
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Pizza! Pizza! We want pizza! This cheese-topped dough with delicious toppings has been making kids and adults go yum for centuries. In fact, many cultures have versions of pizza but the one that seems the most famous is the Italian version. This is the version that has left its stamp on the world and seems to only be becoming more and more popular.

But cutting this cheesy delicacy can be quite frustrating? How do you keep the toppings where they belong and not in a heap at the end of your cut? Or how do you make sure that you have enough slices for everyone, and make those slices the same size so there is no battle over the biggest slice?

In this article we are going to help you out with a few tips on just those very serious pizza issues, so let’s start with the tools that you can use to cut that pie and do it while leaving the integrity of those toppings intact.

What to Use to Cut a Pizza

There are so many gadgets for the kitchen that when it comes to finding the perfect tool for cutting your pizza you could end up frozen in uncertainty. Though there are many different brands each of them falls into a few specific types of pizza cutters. Here are a few of the types:


You can always go with the good old-fashioned kitchen knife, but with this method, there does tend to be some cheese casualties because it drags the cheese with it.

Pizza wheel

These are probably the kitchen tools you think of when thinking of pizza cutters. A rounded blade with a handle, these tools are great for sharp angles and easier to use than a knife.

How to Cut a Pizza into 8 Slices -

Rocking blade

You may say that this looks like one of the fancier choppers you see on those cooking shows and you would be right; it is a larger version of the mezzaluna blade. Used by rocking back and forth, these cutters take a little practice but once you get it down, they are a quick and topping-friendly way to cut your pizza.


The newest kid on the block —you may say 'you want me to cut my pizza with some scissors, you are crazy!' Maybe, but this is one of the least detrimental cutters to your toppings on the list. Some of these scissors even come with a spatula-like support for your slice.

So now you have the right tool, but how do you make sure that no matter what your cheese doesn’t slide taking the toppings with it? Many people use the lift and cut method and say that it works best to ensure those toppings stay right where they are supposed to. That means don’t try to make your cuts in one smooth motion; instead try using short one -inch back-and-forth motions until you have that perfect slice.

Okay great, now we have the right tool and can make sure our topping stay put, but how do we make sure that we have the right number of slices?

How to Cut a Pizza into 8 Slices

For centuries there has been a question that tormented people across the globe! How can you get eight slices from a round piece of dough with sauce and cheese on it? It’s easy to get 4 slices and even 6 but what if you have 8 people or just 4 very hungry people you must make 2 pies? Nope check out the instructions below on how to get yourself a pizza with 8 perfectly cut slices and never have to stress about having the right portions again.

  1. Start with a cut straight down the vertical axis; in other words, cut that pie straight down the center.
  2. Now, cut the pizza again, this time along the horizontal axis of the pizza, creating four equal parts.
  3. Now run your cutter through the middle edge of each of the sides. Essentially cutting an X into the four equal slices you currently have. And there you have it!

Final Thoughts

When you look at how to cut a pizza into 8 slices, you can see that it is actually quite simple. Once you have done it properly, you will have eight evenly cut slices of pizza that have no migration of cheese or toppings ready for your enjoyment. So all that is left now is to tuck in and savor the delicious cheesy goodness that is a fresh pizza. YUMMY!