Brevile Pizza Maker Review

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Brevile Pizza Maker Review -

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Quick Overview






  • Easy to use and a great unit for the whole family to use
  • Even heat distribution guarantees perfect pizzas every time that will not be burned
  • Double heating elements ensure that your pizzas will be cooked evenly and quickly
  • Ceramic stone will give your pizzas an authentic Italian taste and texture
  • Affordable price that makes it a great choice for most people


  • Bulky
  • Can be very smokey

If you are reading this article, you probably enjoy spending time in the kitchen and playing around with different recipes. With pizza being one of the most popular dishes in the world, perhaps you have had the opportunity to prepare a homemade version.

The first step is to make sure that you have adequate ingredients for the pizza that you want to create. The second step is to have a powerful oven that is able to mimic the performance of the traditional brick ovens that you would find in Italian households or restaurants.

Thankfully, the good news is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money in order to create a crispy thin crust pizza. A product such as the Breville Pizza Maker can go a long way in this matter thanks to the design, as well as the innovative heating system that it is highlighted by. Without further ado, let’s review its most important features, as well as the pros/cons that might be deal-breakers.

Breville Pizza Maker

Coming in just a single color option (silver) and made out of stainless steel, this product is incredibly reliable, stylish, and easy to fit on almost any kitchen countertop. It measures 19.49 inches in length, 19.21 inches in width, and 12.6 inches in diameter, which will allow you to create pizzas that are up to 11 inches in diameter!

The best thing about this product is that you will be able to go for the popular thin crust, as well as adjust the settings to medium or thick crust depending on your preference. Most importantly, the heat distribution is even and ensures that the pizza is uniformly baked, no matter how rich it is in toppings!

Who is This Pizza Maker for?

A product such as the Breville Pizza Maker is a must-have for anyone who is into Italian cuisine. While you can get by with a common oven, investing in this one will allow you to mimic the results that you would get from baking on wood in a brick-based oven. Not only that, but the fact that it can go up to 660 degrees Fahrenheit will allow you to get even more creative with dishes like pita or Naan!

What’s Included?

Much like with most pizza makers, there aren’t any fancy accessories coming with this Breville product. Apart from the pizza stone, which needs to be set in its place in order for the maker to operate, there is also a stainless-steel handle that you will use to open it up. Lastly, a user’s manual including detailed instructions on how to start and get the most out of this portable oven is included.

Overview of Features

There are a plethora of reasons why we consider this product to be a worthy choice. As we have mentioned above, it is quite successful when it comes to mimicking the results that you would get with a professional brick oven. With this in mind, achieving a thin, medium, or thick crust has never been easier.

We were quite impressed with the adjustability that this pizza maker offers, as once you have decided on the mode and thickness of the crust, it sets the temperature and cooking time, ensuring that you get optimal results. Much like with most portable ovens, this one is highlighted by heating elements on both top and bottom in order to ensure even distribution and to make sure that your pizza is evenly baked.

With that in mind, we were quite impressed with the maximum heat that this oven can achieve, as it can reach up to 660 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat retention, as well as the modern design that is highlighted by a 12-inch diameter, will allow you to prepare larger pizzas that are up to 11 inches in diameter.

Compared to a conventional oven, we have to say that it is a vast improvement when it comes to the cooking time and the final results. The cleaning part is a bit tricky, but as long as you get to it as soon as you are done with the pizza-baking process, you should be fine!

How to Use Breville Pizza Maker

Once you plug it into an electric outlet, this pizza maker will be ready for operation. Frankly, there isn’t a lot of theory to using this product, as it all comes down to choosing the setting (thin, medium, thick crust) and waiting for 6-10 minutes depending on the mode/temperature to enjoy your homemade pizza!


The Breville pizza maker is a great unit that we really love and believe will suit the needs of most people. However, if you find that it is not quite what you were looking for, we have found a suitable and comparable alternative which we will cover below:

MasterChef Pizza Maker

Whether you are looking to prepare a pizza, quesadilla, or a calzone, a pizza maker such as this one can go a long way. Highlighted by a non-stick stone that can be removed for cleaning and maintenance, as well as a transparent window that will allow you to monitor the cooking process, this MasterChef-licensed product can be a great addition to your kitchen setup!


While you will not be able to use this product to prepare barbecue or similar items, there are so many things that you can use this pizza maker for - and not just pizza. For anyone who is interested in baking and enjoys pizza, Naan, pitas, tortillas, and other dough-based foods, the Breville Pizza Maker will be a worthy investment! It is quick and easy to use, and it will cook your food to perfection each time!