Best Pizza Steel of 2022: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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The best pizza steel can give you the ability to transform your favorite pizza recipe. By conducting heat through metal, you can create a crispier crust with far less effort and in less time. Let's explore some of the best options when it comes to finding the perfect pizza steel.

Comparison Chart

Conductive Cooking Extra-Large Pizza Steel Plate

Artisan Steel High-Performance Pizza Steel

Outset Stainless Steel Pizza Peel

NerdChef Steel Stone

OG Pizza Steel

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Best Pizza Steel Reviews

Conductive Cooking Extra-Large Pizza Steel Plate

The Conductive Cooking Extra-Large Pizza Steel Plate is a fantastic option for pizzas of all sizes. It measures in at 14 by 20 inches, more than enough for a personal or family-sized pie. You will also love how it is manufactured in the USA, guaranteeing the safest possible materials.

Product Highlights

Let's look at some of the most impressive features of the Conductive Cooking Extra-Large Pizza Steel Plate.

  • Ultra-Conductive

The most prevalent feature of this pizza steel is the quality of the metal used during manufacturing. It conducts heat effortlessly, even better than ceramic pizza stones. You will also find that the steel is remarkably durable, making it ideal for traditional and brick ovens.

  • Optional Thicknesses

When choosing your ideal pizza steel, you will have more choices with this product. It is available in a standard 3/16-inch thickness or a deluxe 3/8-inch thickness for better heat storage. You will want to choose the right thickness for your optimal crispiness.

  • Faster Cooking Times

With the ability to absorb heat into the entirety of the pizza steel, this plate helps reduce cooking times. It also helps your pies retain more flavor, creating a savory and cheesy meal for any time of day. The high heat transfer and the easy-to-clean surface are ideal for any homeowner or professional pizza chef.

  • USA-Made

The quality of this pizza steel is not to be understated, especially as it is made in the United States. During manufacturing, each plate is cut using a CNC laser from a single plate of metal. The metal is optimal for conductivity and durability and has a long-lasting finish for low-maintenance cooking.

  • Low-Drag Surface

As mentioned, the surface of the pizza plate is particularly great, thanks to its high-quality design. You will find that it is smooth and low-drag, allowing you to quickly slide the pizza off the surface without sticking. Please note that, like most steels, you will need to regularly clean and season the surface before use.

What To Like About It?

If you are looking for a tool to help you get the perfect crispy crust, this product is ideal. It absorbs more heat than pizza stones, helping it get hotter significantly faster. Also, it is versatile; you can use it for cooking pizza, vegetables, and more.

What Not To Like About It

The most considerable concern with the Conductive Cooking Extra-Large Pizza Steel Plate is its weight, as it is made from pure steel. Also, the metal can take a while to cool down, which is essential to note when it comes time for serving.


  • Highly versatile
  • Perfect for crispy crusts
  • Easy to clean
  • Achieves higher heats than stone


  • Heavier than expected
  • Takes a while to cool

Artisan Steel High-Performance Pizza Steel

Another option for a pizza steel made in the United States is the remarkable Artisan Steel High-Performance Pizza Steel. It has a high-quality design with a sleek and stylish aesthetic designed to be displayed proudly in your kitchen.

Product Highlights

There are plenty of top-tier features this product brings to the table, including:

  • Ultra-Conductive Surface

One of the most impressive features of this pizza steel is its incredibly conductive surface. It achieves much higher heat than a pizza stone, whether you are using it in a standard or brick oven. It is also the perfect option for wood-fired pizza, especially if you are a fan of blistered crust.

  • Heavy and Durable

Since the Artisan Steel High-Performance Pizza Steel is made from pure steel, it is heavy. Its weight speaks to its durability, as it is 16 pounds worth of metal designed for a crispier crust. The metal thickness is ideal for ensuring the tool retains more heat, providing a thorough and even cook.

  • For Heat and Cold

There are several ways that you can put the Artisan Steel High-Performance Pizza Steel to good use. You can use it for cooking pizzas, vegetables, bread, and other hot foods. Alternatively, you can also use it for cold serving, such as preparing cold slab ice cream.

  • Hand-Finished

Before shipping, every pizza steel from this company is hand-finished to ensure the quality of the surface material. It is also pre-oiled using food-safe oils, so the steel is ready to use right out of the box. With that said, it can be beneficial to clean with water and a stiff brush before first use.

  • Low-Maintenance

Working with a pizza steel can be low-maintenance as long as you maintain its seasoning. After cleaning the surface with water and no soap, proceed with coating it with cooking oil. Once that is complete, you simply need to bake the steel at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for one hour.

  • Low-Friction Surface

When it comes time to remove your pizza from the oven, you will want to ensure you can serve it effortlessly. This cooking surface features a low-friction design, allowing you to easily slide the pie off for serving. Also, the low-friction surface makes it exceptionally easy to keep clean to prevent bacteria buildup.

What To Like About It?

The Artisan Steel High-Performance Pizza Steel is a fantastic choice to emulate wood ovens by maintaining flavor. It also achieves the perfect crispiness in under 15 minutes, depending on the number of toppings you use. As an added benefit, the steel is straightforward to keep clean, even after cheese spills over onto the surface.

What Not To Like About It?

Follow the pre-cooking instructions to ensure the steel is adequately prepared before cooking on it. The material is quite odorous at first and needs to be baked alone for a few hours before it is ready to be used. Also, if you don't maintain the steel over time, it is very likely to rust.


  • Emulates wood ovens
  • Maintains impressive flavor
  • Cooks in under 15 minutes
  • Easy to clean


  • Steel is very odorous at first
  • Rusts with improper maintenance

Outset Stainless Steel Pizza Peel

Instead of using traditional pizza steel, the Outset Stainless Steel Pizza Peel is a great option. When preparing your pies, you will love having this tool at your disposal, especially as it is made with high-quality metal.

Product Highlights

Let's get into some of the best features of the Outset Stainless Steel Pizza Peel.

  • Food-Grade Stainless Steel

When making pizza, every kitchen utensil you use should be made from food-grade metal. With that said, you’ll appreciate that this pizza peel is made from food-grade stainless steel to ensure quality and safety. You will also love the rosewood handle, which makes the device look more professionally styled.

  • Oversized Surface

With the help of a large surface, you can manage bigger pizzas with ease. It is a remarkable tool to use instead of getting your hands dirty when transferring food from the counter to the cooking surface. With this, you can effortlessly work with small, personal-sized pizzas or larger, family-sized pizzas.

  • Rosewood Handle

As mentioned, the Outset Stainless Steel Pizza Peel features a rosewood handle that makes it look professional. More than that, this feature is also ideal for keeping your hands protected from heat. The handle also quickly folds down so that you can store it easily.

  • Great for Travel

Thanks to its foldable design, you will be able to bring your pizza peel with you on any trip. It is easy to pack into luggage while also being ideal for RVs, camping trips, or storing in small kitchens.

  • Versatile Uses

Multiple foods can benefit from using a pizza peel outside of your favorite pies. It is helpful in serving artisan bread, transferring pastries, fish, and anything else you would use on a grill. You will also love how effortless this tool is for working with standard convection ovens and brick ovens.

  • Easy Maintenance

Unlike standard pizza steels, this tool is straightforward to maintain. All you have to do is hand-wash it in warm, soapy water and then towel dry to help it maintain its shine. It does not require any seasoning, so cleaning up after cooking has never been simpler.

What To Like About It? 

The Outset Stainless Steel Pizza Peel is perfectly sized for regular ovens while also being useful for cooking over open fires. It is easily hand-washed, but the handle can also be removed to clean the spatula in the dishwasher. Its compact design makes it ideal for an endless number of activities, including backpacking.

What Not To Like About It?

One primary concern with this tool is that food can stick to the surface, increasing your cleanup time. Also, the handle would be better if it was a little larger, as the peel would be simpler to manage.


  • Perfectly sized for ovens
  • Easily hand-washed
  • Handle is removable
  • Ideal for open fires


  • Smaller sized handle
  • Food could stick

NerdChef Steel Stone

If you are in the market for a high-performance pizza stone, the NerdChef Steel Stone is a great option. It has a flat, non-stick surface and a standard thickness for optimal heat transfer.

Product Highlights

You will love several highlights with this pizza steel, which can transform the way you typically cook your favorite pies.

  • Standard or Pro Thicknesses

When you order the pizza steel, you will be able to choose between two different thicknesses. The standard thickness is 0.25 inches, which is perfect for a remarkably crisp and blistered crust. You can also opt for the professional 0.375-inch thickness for better heat retention for extended cooking.

  • Highly Conductive Surface

Compared to lower-quality pizza stones, this product has impressive heat transfer. It offers up to 20 times more heat sent through the material and directly into your pizza for faster cooking. Also, the high-quality steel retains up to two times more heat compared to ceramic baking stones.

  • High-Performance Design

Cooking speed is vital for making pizza, as is maintaining higher temperatures for the perfect cook. With this tool, you will have temperatures as high as 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, similar to a brick oven. You will be able to quickly make professional-style pizzas in a standard oven at 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Low-Friction Surface

The addition of a low-friction surface is something that every pizza steel needs. You will find that transferring the pizza from one surface to another is effortless, and so does cleaning the steel.

One of the most significant benefits of this product is that it arrives pre-seasoned with flaxseed oil. You will also appreciate how the surface has a fine texture without being too rough. Every pizza steel is finished with a sanded coating to ensure it maintains its smooth texture over time.

  • Solid Steel

Another significant benefit of the NerdChef Steel Stone is its overall quality. It is crafted from pure steel, which means it will be heavy to manage because it weighs 16 pounds. Nevertheless, you can guarantee that the material won’t warp or break over time, allowing you to make as many pizzas as desired.

  • Easily Handled

At the edge of the pizza steel, you will notice two finger holes designed for easy handling. With this added feature, it will be much easier to manage while also being easier to hang in your kitchen.

  • Hot or Cold Use

Like previous pizza steels, you can opt to use this USA-made product for hot or cold foods. It is handy for frozen items, such as serving cold desserts in the middle of summer. You will also love using it with dry ice to create ice cream directly on the surface.

What To Like About It?

The NerdChef Steel Stone is a very durable pizza steel you can easily store for quick access. The high-quality metal caramelizes ingredients effortlessly while also creating the perfect pizza dough.

What Not To Like About It?

The most prominent concern with this product is that the bottom scratches easily, especially in ovens. You might also find that the edges are sharper than expected, which is important to be wary of.


  • Extremely durable
  • Easily stored
  • Creates the perfect dough
  • Perfectly caramelizes ingredients


  • Scratches easily
  • Edges are slightly sharp

OG Pizza Steel

As one of the more affordable options, the OG Pizza Steel is an excellent option for making pizza. It has a straightforward design that is easy for anyone to use, even as a first-time pizza steel owner.

Product Highlights

Let's get into some of the unique features of the OG Pizza Steel.

  • Virgin USA Steel

The most impressive feature of this pizza steel is the material it is made of. It features pure virgin USA steel, ensuring you have a high-quality surface to cook on. It also boasts a shot-peen surface, allowing for optimal durability and the perfect texture.

  • Easily Seasoned

Like other pizza steels, it is important to remember that you will have to season it to maintain its quality. When you follow the care instructions correctly, this is the type of kitchen tool you can pass down through generations. Ideally, you are going to want to use high-quality food-grade oil, like flaxseed oil, to season the surface.

  • Low-Friction Surface

With the use of shot-peened manufacturing, the surface of this pizza steel is incredibly low-friction. However, it does feature a little bit of texture, helping to add suppleness to your crust. When it comes time for serving, you will be able to effortlessly slide pizzas off without any sticking.

  • Impossible to Break

Dealing with ceramic pizza stones can be frustrating, as they can break over time. In comparison, the OG Pizza Steel is made from solid steel, so you will never have to worry about it breaking. Also, the material won't warp, even under extreme temperatures.

  • Restaurant-Quality Pizza

If you have been searching for a tool to help you make artisan-quality pizza, this is one option to consider. Used correctly, you will be able to achieve a perfectly blistered crust with a wonderful crispy texture.

What To Like About It? 

The OG Pizza Steel is an excellent upgrade from ceramic pizza stones, as it is highly durable and heats up very quickly. You can cook an assortment of items in under 10 minutes while also preserving the flavors.

What Not To Like About It?

When cleaning this pizza steel, you will have to use a high-quality cloth and not a paper towel, as it can tear the material. It is also important to note that because the product is made from steel, it will take a sufficient amount of time to cool down.


  • Cooks in under ten minutes
  • Preserves pizza flavors
  • Heats quickly
  • Highly durable


  • Takes time to cool down
  • No cleaning with paper towels

Buyer's Guide

Pizza steels might seem simple at first, but there can be significant differences between one product and another. To ensure you are putting your money into a high-quality product, let's review some key features to look for.

1. Thickness

The thickness of your pizza steel is an important feature to consider, as it determines how quickly your pies cook. The thicker the plate, the more heat it will retain over time, leading to slower cooking times and denser crust. However, a thicker pizza steel can also be much heavier than expected, and you will need to find a safe storage solution.

On the other hand, thinner pizza steels allow for better heat transfer rather than heat retention. Thinner plates are recommended for faster cooking and crispier crusts, especially with thin-crust pizzas.

2. Size

Size is another important feature to note, as smaller pizza steels can restrict the size of pies you can create. If you know you will only be making personal-sized pizzas, a smaller steel can be ideal for cleaning and storage. However, larger families will require larger-sized tools to accommodate the weight and thickness of the dough.

3. Durability

Pizza steel is well-known for its incredible durability, especially when compared to traditional ceramic pizza stones. Ensure that the steel you choose is sourced from high-quality materials and isn’t malleable when exposed to heat. The material must also be food-safe, even at extreme temperatures, to maintain your food’s integrity.

3. Maintenance

After cooking, you will want to ensure you don't spend too much time cleaning up. Maintaining your pizza steel should be relatively effortless, allowing you to wipe the surface clean easily. You must also be able to season it quickly in between uses to maintain its integrity over time.

Improper maintenance can often lead to pizza stones becoming rusted and eventually rendered useless. Get one that you can season using high-quality food-safe oils and then bake for one to two hours. Also, consider the type of surface the steel has, as non-friction surfaces are best for easy pizza removal.

4. Storage

There's no doubt that pizza steels are heavy (sometimes weighing over 16 pounds) and will require proper storage. Ideally, you will want to choose a pizza steel that is easy to manage using finger holes. It is also essential to choose a size that can fit your counter or stay in your oven when it's not in use.

Pizza Steel FAQs

1. What is best thickness for pizza steel?

The ideal thickness for pizza steel is around 3/8 inches, as it takes the least amount of time to preheat. The thicker the material, the longer it will take to retain heat, which extends your prep and cooking time.

Also, thicker pizza steels can take longer to cool down, which means you will have to wait longer before serving.

2. Are pizza steels good?

Pizza steels are often regarded as the best way to cook pizza, especially compared to ceramic pizza stones and even direct oven surfaces. The material helps retain the perfect temperature for a restaurant-quality crust in a traditional kitchen oven. Also, they are easy to keep clean and season, offering years of extended use.

3. Is pizza stone better than pizza steel?

It is commonly known that pizza steel is better than pizza stones when considering cooking time and quality. Also, pizza steel is of a higher quality because it is less likely to break or shatter over time. The problem is, pizza steels are harder to work with because they are significantly heavier and require regular seasoning.

4. How hot does a pizza steel get?

Pizza steel can reach temperatures upwards of 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Higher temperatures are ideal for achieving that perfectly crisp crust you have been craving.

5. Is a thicker pizza steel better?

Thicker pizza steels aren't always the best option, as they can take longer to preheat and cool down. The thicker the metal, the more thorough the cook, especially if you are using many toppings. Deciding between thick and thin pizza steels depends on the level of cook you want to achieve.