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Sure, you can use a good old kitchen knife to cut that pizza, but why when there is an easier and way more effective tool for that task? We are talking about the pizza cutter. We have all had or seen them, but did you know there were many more styles and types to choose from than the flimsy wheeled model that many of us remember from the kitchen drawers of our youth.

There are a wide variety of options available and it can be a daunting task to choose which one is the best option for you. In this guide, we are going to breakdown a few of the best pizza cutters of 2021 and give a few tips and tools to use to make your decision just as easy as cutting the pie will be once you have your new pizza cutter in hand.

Comparison Chart

The Ultimate Pizza Making Tools – 14″ Aluminum Pizza Peel

Kitchy Pizza Cutter Wheel with Protective Blade Guard

Checkered Chef Pizza Cutter Sharp Rocker Blade With Cover

Dreamfarm Scizza – Pizza Scissors, Non-Stick

Anytin Pizza Cutter Rocker Blade – 14 inches

Best Pizza Cutter Reviews

The Ultimate Pizza Making Tools

This kit comes not only with a pizza cutter but a pizza peel as well which will make your pizza making that much easier. So, check out what the Ultimate Pizza Making Tools have to offer.

Product Highlights

This guide is about which pizza cutter is the best but what is better than getting an affordable a cutter that is easy to use and comfortable to hold with the extra bonus of a pizza peel. Sounds like a great deal, this toolset comes with the following benefits and features:

  • A pizza peel coated with nonstick aluminum
  • Stainless steel pizza cutter (14”) designed in the rocker style
  • Dual handles for easy and comfortable use
  • Comes with enhanced safety due to its protective case for storage
  • Pizza peel has an anti-spill lip
  • All material is FDA approved as food safe
  • Pizza cutter that is versatile
  • Materials make both pieces easy to clean
  • Protective slip to cover and keep the blade sharp

What's to like about the The Ultimate Pizza Making Tools

This set comes with both a peel and a cutter for a great price. Both pieces are made to be durable and comfortable to use. With the cutter which is why this set made its a way onto our list, you can see that the design team concentrated on making safety a priority.

With the addition of the plastic slip designed to keep the blade sharp and protect hands from being cut up when reaching into the drawer, this pizza cutter is a nice piece to add to your kitchen gear.

But they didn’t stop there by including two plastic nonslip grips on the rocker style cutter — this company has doubled down on making sure that their customers keep all their digits right where they are supposed to be.

What's not to like about the The Ultimate Pizza Making Tools

Though the price is right, and you get extra features with the inclusion of the pizza peel this cutter still has a few issues. There have been some concerns with the overall size of the cutter. The 14” blade for some seems a little hard to store as well as handle, though this could also be the unfamiliarity with this model of a pizza cutter.

The issue that seemed to be the biggest complaint is the durability of the peel, but there were a few complaints about the durability of the pizza cutter itself.

Overall it seems to us that the fact that you get a peel and cutter for such a great price should be a huge plus and a great reason to add this to your kitchen gadgets.


  • Good safety features 
  • Comfortable to use
  • Low price


  • Durability is not great for prolonged use
  • Small size

Kitchy Pizza Cutter

Different is always good and at Kitchy the design team took some creative license with this entry on our list.

Product Highlights

Easier and safer to use than some of its wheel cutter peers the Kitchy Pizza Cutter is an affordable addition to your kitchen. This cutter has some great features that make this one of the best choices for your pizza cutting needs. Features like:

  • Handle designed for comfort
  • Compact design that is easy to store
  • Enhanced safety with the addition of the protective blade guard
  • Designed to be easily disassembled for cleaning
  • Constructed with dishwasher safe materials

What's to like about the Kitchy Pizza Cutter

Though bit is a wheel style cutter it does utilize some of the mechanism of the rocker style blade in its overall design. This cutter could be described as a rocker wheel cutter if you really want to get down to it.

Using a rocking motion this wheel cutter comes with a plastic board over the blade that makes this one of the easiest and safest pizza cutters on our list. Safety and functionality are the two words that spring to mind when looking at the Kitchy Pizza Cutter.

What's not to like about the Kitchy Pizza Cutter

Now there are a few issues that we should mention. There have been some reviews that question this pizza cutters durability. Particularly when it comes to the screws that keep the piece together.

Though some glue could be the answer to this problem there is no way to fix the fact that cleaning this cutter manually takes a little extra time. Though it is dishwasher safe so maybe that is the workaround for that issue.

Overall the Kitchy Pizza Cutter is a spectacular option for anyone that eats pizza more often than most or like to get their kids involved in the cooking process.


  • The blade is made of stainless steel
  • Decent price
  • Safety guard
  • Easy to clean (dishwasher safe)


  • Manual cleaning is time-consuming

Checkered Chef Pizza Cutter

This entry is perhaps the most versatile of the cutters. With a unique blade design that steps out of the box, the Checkered Chef Pizza Cutter is so much more than just your typical pizza cutter.

Product Highlights

Taking a new approach to making your pizza cutting needs easier, the team at Checkered Chef decided to use a long blade instead of the traditional wheel. Operating more like a rocker blade, this cutter comes with the following features:

  • Enhanced blade design for more efficient cutting
  • Extra sharp blade straight from the package
  • Comes with a blade sheath to be safer and keep the blade sharp
  • Solid body construction of high-grade stainless steel for an anti-bacterial benefit
  • Rust resistant
  • Ability to be used to cut other culinary confections

What's to like about the Checkered Chef Pizza Cutter

Possibly the most versatile cutter on our list, the checkered Chef Pizza cutter can be used to cut fudge, herbs, and many other culinary concoctions you may want to create. It is easy to use and comfortable to cut with, and for the great price it is a super affordable option as well.

No need to sharpen this blade either as it comes super sharp and ready to go and the team at checkered chef had the forethought to include a blade cover to keep that level of sharpness as well as maintain your safety.

What's not to like about the Checkered Chef Pizza Cutter

Now the sharpness is also something to think about when considering this as a potential purchase.

With an edge sharper than most of the cutters on the market, if not cautious there is an increased risk of cutting oneself. So, when using it be especially careful; it is not a tool to let your kids help you with in the kitchen. The only other drawback that has been an issue for some is that the handle is constructed solely of stainless steel and this is not the most comfortable material to hold for any length of time.

Both drawbacks can be overlooked when you look at the versatility and performance you get for a budget-friendly price.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Durable
  • Comes with a blade cover
  • Blade is extra sharp


  • Stainless-steel handle not comfortable for some

Dreamfarm Scizza Pizza Scissors

Going with the trends, Dreamfarm offers you a new style of a pizza cutter — a scissors. That’s right this pizza cutter is a specifically designed scissors that acts as a pizza cutter.

Product Highlights

This new style of pizza cutter, that has surfaced just in the last few years, is one of the trendy gadgets you want to have in your kitchen. With the Scizza, you can count on being able to capitalize on these great features to cut the perfect slice of pizza:

  • Crafted with a nylon base so it doesn’t damage non-stick pans or pizza stones
  • Able to handle thin and thick crust pizza easily
  • Designed with a spatula tip
  • Extended blades (12cm) made of stainless steel and hardened for durability
  • Able to handle high heat (up to 400° Fahrenheit)
  • BPA free

What's to like about the Dreamfarm Scizza Pizza Scissors

This pizza cutter may be the best option for those who enjoy getting in the kitchen with kids. Though the blade is sharp, it is well-protected, and the scissors design is easy to use.  Even if you are not planning on spending some quality time with the kids, the Scizza is a great choice.

Good for any thickness of crust, you can be spontaneous and still guarantee that you will be able to get the right slice.

Another great thing is that unlike some other options, you do not have to let the pizza cool down; the blade is heat resistant and that means no more room temperature pizza for you or your family.

What's not to like about the Dreamfarm Scizza Pizza Scissors

Probably one of the biggest drawbacks is the price tag that this unique pizza cutter comes with. You can get a pizza cutter with the same basic benefits for much cheaper if you are not set on the design. Or many people simply use their kitchen shears (though they don’t come with a spatula tip so there is that).

Along with the price, this pizza cutter may not be for you if you are a crispy crust kind of person as it does not work as well with that style of pizza as it does for the traditional thin or thick doughy crust style.

Bottom line is that this is a uniquely designed piece of kitchen gear that does the job and does it well.


  • Ease of use
  • High heat resistance (up to 400°)
  • Good blade clearance


  • Price is a bit much
  • Not great with crispy crust pizza

Anytin Pizza Cutter

The last spot on our list comes to you from Anytin, and with its rocker blade design, it might just be the perfect choice for you.

Product Highlights

The Anytin rocker blade pizza cutter is a sharp-looking efficient choice for any home chef looking for versatility in their pizza cutter. With this cutter you will get a lot of great features like these listed below:

  • Made of food-grade stainless steel for increased durability
  • Enhanced safety from the included plastic blade cover
  • Able to be cleaned in a dishwasher
  • Versatility of use
  • Included as an extra: a ceramic bladed potato peeler and metal beer opener

What's to like about the Anytin Pizza Cutter

It is always great to get more bang for your buck and with the Anytin pizza cutter that is exactly what you get. Able to be used for more than cutting your pizza you get a versatile tool that will become your go-to tool for all kinds of culinary adventures.

The fact that it is crafted in high-quality materials means that you will be able to enjoy that versatility for longer than other pizza cutter models available today.

It is easy to clean and with the plastic blade protector, you can be sure that there is a decreased risk of injury. All these factors make this pizza cutter a great choice for any level of home cook.

What's not to like about the Anytin Pizza Cutter

This may be one of the best pizza cutters on the market and because it has so many great features it is hard to find a drawback. Looking deeper, the only complaint seems to be that without caution that extra-sharp blade will cut through anything.

So, making sure you are using it on a surface that is durable is advisable, otherwise you may have to replace things after cutting straight through the pizza and whatever you had it sitting on.

As you can see the only concern is more of a safety and caution issue. In fact, this pizza cutter just may be the best performing pizza cutter on our list.


  • Safe to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Versatile 


  • Blade goes dull quickly


You would think that selecting the right pizza cutter would be easy, but with all the different types and brands it can be extremely hard. We started by giving you a few of our curated choices for the top pizza cutter, but what if none of them seem to be the perfect choice for you? Below we will give you a few attributes that you should pay close attention to when making your decision.

Types of Pizza Cutters

There are two main styles of pizza cutters and one that has become a new favorite of some. The first is the traditional pizza cutter. These are the ones that we all probably remember from the kitchen drawer growing up. You know the one with the long handle that ends in a sharp round wheel. This one you use by grabbing the handle and pushing through the pizza.

The second style is the rocker blade. This one looks like those half-moon contraptions you see chefs on television use. This model is used by grabbing the handles on the side and rocking the blade back and forth.

The newest pizza cutting phenomenon is the scissors style. This one you simply cut your pizza like you would that construction paper. Many of them come with a spatula tip to allow you to carry your pizza to the plate as well.


The size of your pizza cutter is important for several reasons. The first reason is that you want to be able to easily store it safely. Making sure that your pizza cutter fits the space you have available for it will help make sure that there is no chance of it getting lost or unnecessary injuries.

The other concern is the size of pizza you typically make. If you are single and only make mini pizzas you may not want a huge pizza cutter and visa versa.

Also, you may want to consider the size for ergonomic reasons; thinking about what fits comfortably in your hand can help decrease the risk of injury.


No one wants a pizza cutter that takes a Ph.D. to use. So, making sure that the pizza cutter is easy to use is a vital consideration.


Making sure that the handle on your pizza cutter is comfortable and durable will mean that cutting your pizza is not a chore. The handle also has a lot to do with the wheel control when it comes to the wheel style of the cutter. With better control, you will get better and more precise cuts.


The key material you should be looking for is stainless steel and preferably one that is a high grade or certified. This will ensure durability and less chance of rust being an issue. As for the other components (wood, plastic, rubber, etc.) of your cutter, make sure that they are high quality and not a faux version.

By paying close attention to the materials that make up your pizza cutter, you will ensure quality and durability.


There are always questions that crop up when you are trying to decide on what gadget or appliance to purchase. Below we answer some of the most commonly asked questions about pizza cutters.

How to Choose a Pizza Cutter

Besides using the guide above, the best way to decide which pizza cutter is for you is to understand what you need from it. Whether you go with the wheel, the rocker or try the new guy on the block, the scissors, you need to consider if you will be using it for more than a pizza. Once you have narrowed down your needs, you can choose the right pizza cutter for you.

What is a Pizza Cutter?

A pizza cutter is a kitchen tool that has a handle or handles attached to curved or circular blade that is used to cut pizzas into perfect slices.

How to Use a Pizza Cutter

Every type of pizza cutter has a different method of use.

Rocker blade

Start with your blade in the middle of the pizza and then grip both handles firmly and rock the cutter back and forth. Once you have completed the first cut then turn the pizza and repeat until you have the desired number of slices.

Here is a video that will show you how to use the other type:  

How to Clean a Pizza Cutter

Keeping your pizza cutter clean is important, so here are a few steps to follow:

  1. Soak the cutter in soapy water for up to an hour. (Make sure to not let it soak for excessive amounts of time to prevent rusting.)
  2. Place a towel or sponge in the sink and then place the blade of the pizza cutter on it at an angle. Do this to both sides of the blade while you rotate the blade back and forth. Make sure to scrub from base to blade to keep the chance of injury low.
  3. Then take a piece of floss and guide it through where the handle joins the wheel.
  4. If the floss does not come out clean then submerge the pizza wheel in another bowl of water. This time use a denture cleaning tablet in the water and leave it until it stops fizzing.
  5. Then rinse well and try the dental floss method again.

Though most pizza cutters are dishwasher safe it is highly recommended to do the cleaning manually to ensure you get all the food out of the crevices.

How Does a Pizza Cutter Work?

The pizza cutter uses a round or curved blade attached to a handle or handles, and force of motion to cut pizza or other foods. Though each of the styles has specific differences. The wheel style uses a handle attached to a rotating blade and is guided by smooth motions in the direction the person moves their hand.

The other main style is the rocker or mezzaluna blade uses a curved blade attached to two handles that you grab to rock the blade back and forth.


No matter if you go with a wheel style or rocker blade, or even the scissors, you will still be one up on those that still use that good old kitchen knife. We have given you a lot to think about and hopefully with the information above made your choice a little easier.