Best Electric Pizza Ovens to Purchase in 2022

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Best Electric Pizza Ovens -

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Pizzas are an Italian delicacy that advanced from the flattened bread dishes of Naples, Italy. Today, pizza has spread globally and is being enjoyed in every part of the world.

There have been many innovations in making a pizza, with the latest being the use of electric ovens. Through innovation, present-day electric ovens have even further simplified the process of making pizzas from scratch where the appliances almost do all the work for you.

Here, we've taken a look at some of the best electric pizza ovens available on the market.

Comparison Chart

NutriChef PKPZ950 Electric Pizza Oven

Brevile BREBPZ600XL Pizza Maker

Betty Crocker BC-2958CR Pizza Maker

Forno Magnifico Electric Pizza Oven

Fusion 508FC Electric Pizza

Best Electric Pizza Ovens Reviews

NutriChef PKPZ950 Electric Pizza Oven

The NutriChef Upgraded Electric Pizza oven is made by the American Based Sound Around Inc manufacturers. It's an amazingly durable pizza oven with an all-around utility for baking all types of pizza.

NutriChef is responsible for making many high-end pieces of kitchen equipment, including blenders, electric kettles, cookers, vacuum sealers, and more. At Sound Around Inc, innovativeness on sound designs are a specialty. Make someone a pizza with the Nutrichef Pizza oven, and they will ask for another.


This High-Powered Countertop Electric oven is perfect for making your mini pizzas at home, for a party, and even for social gatherings.

It comes with an innovative design, constituting a classic dome-shaped terracotta with openings around the dome. This gives everyone in the party freedom to cook their mini pies.

Its clay dome is the Italian Pit Oven look alike. It has a highly powered suspended heating element that ensures thorough, even cooking all through. This brick pizza oven reaches up to 464ºF maximum temperature.

The NutriChef Pizza oven is also easy to use. The stone dome has a stress-free button operation with side openings that offer multiple access points for cooking solo pies.

It also comes with automatic adjustable heat settings for thin, medium, and dense crusts designed for adjusting temperature and cooking time for uniformly baked pizzas.

Since the largest part of this oven is made of Chamotte clay, which is stain resistant, cleaning the NutriChef Pizza Oven is hassle-free even after grand cooking. With this Dome Oven, you will always get delicious Classic Italian style cooking results.


  • Stain Resistant Chamotte Clay dome is easy to clean
  • Side openings offer multiple access to cooking points
  • Efficient even cooking with the suspended coil heating element
  • High powered heating element hastens results


  • Toppings easily get burned before the crust completely cooks
  • Pizza gets soggy in the bottom as there is no heat from beneath

Brevile BREBPZ600XL Pizza Maker

Breville is an Australian-based company with a staunch reputation in manufacturing reliable kitchen home appliances. Happy clients worldwide attribute these reliable products to the manufacturer striving to produce what users will love.

Their ovens come with adjustable settings and flexibility that allows users to make customized meals anytime. With the Breville pizza maker oven, you can cook up to 11-inch pizzas from the comfort of your home.


This full-sized pizza oven measures 12" in diameter allowing you to cook up to 11" pizzas, large enough for the whole family. Its baking stone has even heat conduction for crisp and evenly gold pizza crusts.

Its heating elements are both on the top and bottom, making it an efficient pizza maker. At maximum temperature, the ceramic pizza stone reaches up to 660ºF, the equivalent environment of a brick oven's heat.

With such heat, your pizza will be ready in less than 6 minutes, and with crisp and delicious toppings and crust.
Additionally, it comes with multiple settings for thin, average, and extra-thick crusts.

The settings simply work by automatically adjusting temperature and cooking duration, ensuring evenly baked pizzas regardless of how plentiful the toppings.

To ensure the crust is as crisp and delicious as possible, the 12" pizza dome effectively absorbs moisture and ensures even heat distribution whenever heat is applied.


  • Has multiple heat settings for various pizza types
  • You can monitor the progress of your cooking through the view window
  • Dual heating elements ensure even heat distribution on top and bottom
  • High temperature, the equivalent of a brick oven
  • Excels in pizza toppings


  • Quite smoky hence suitable for outdoor use
  • A bit bulky

Betty Crocker BC-2958CR Pizza Maker

Betty Crocker is an American Brand from the Westinghouse company. They have been in production for decades, and their products are trusted worldwide, with a strong production base even in motor equipment like generators.

The Betty Crocker Pizza oven is metallic with a stainless-steel stone. It's essential for retaining heat and also for even heat distribution when in use. Equipment stemming from Westinghouse is known to have innovative designs, top quality, and deliver astounding results every time.

Their kitchen crockery, including cookers, juice extractors, and blenders, have received a myriad of positive results worldwide. You won't be making a mistake by getting yourself this BC Pizza Oven Maker.


For faster results on quality delicious pizzas, the Betty Crocker 2958CR is a great choice. You will not only be making great pizzas with this equipment but also croissants, enormous cookies, nachos, quesadillas, mini frittatas, hor's d'oeuvres, and numerous other snacks and desserts.

It comes with a non-stick coated plate that bakes crusts to perfection while remaining easy to clean-up. Next time you want to make a pizza, don't stress looking for an oven; just turn to this 1400-watt pizza maker.

This high-powered equipment is fast and fun, and also reliable when it comes to power consumption. To make it even more dependable, it has an indicator light for when the baking is ready.

Add your favorite toppings to your homemade pizzas or flatbreads and have them ready within minutes. Its self-regulated thermostat ensures every time that your crusts achieve that crispy golden perfection after each baking.

Its design is a breeze to use. The compact and sturdy construction makes it easy to tuck away in your kitchen cabinet when not in use. To make storage more modest, a cord-wrap is available for extra neatness in your storage unit.

This is the perfect baking companion for a quick Sunday brunch, making family omelets, quick birthday snacks like nachos, and giant chocolate cookies. Better still, its packaging includes a list of meal and snack ideas you can follow!


  • Highly powered heating elements deliver faster results
  • Stick-free coated baking plates make clean-up such a snap
  • Comes in a compact and sturdy design, making storage an easy task
  • The oven can make many other quick snacks apart from pizzas


  • It has a short lifespan, especially with frequent use
  • Doesn't have an on and off button. You have to unplug.

Forno Magnifico Electric Pizza Oven

This Pizza Oven by Forno Magnifico is one of the best baking equipment in its class. Weighing only 11 pounds, this Chinese-made pizza is easy to handle and delivers results faster than any other home baking equipment you will use.

For nearly three centuries, a perfect pizza cooker has been known to include three essential aspects, namely high temperature, refractory cooking stone, and a specially designed cooking dome chamber.

Forno Magnifico has incorporated all three in this oven, making it a piece of high-performance equipment any cook would need. Plus, its design is amazing, with double heating elements and automated temperature settings, so you don't have to do all the work by yourself.


Let's talk about the uniquely designed dome-shaped baking chamber first. It's not every day you get to use such an oven with a cooking dome that ranges up to 750ºF(400ºC)+! This incredible heating degree ensures your meals are ready in less than 10 minutes, without burning the toppings or messing the crusts.

What gives it this exceptional heat retention is the ceramic designed refractory cooking stone that refracts heat back into the oven. There is no heat lost, making it a high-performance countertop pizza for home use.

Additionally, the design includes double-heating elements at the top and bottom to ensure uniform cooking. This prevents your pizzas from getting soggy at the bottom, as is with some ovens. With the double element design, you have the option to cook fillings and crust separately.

The oven has an integrated variable thermostat for temperature adjustment, plus an automated 10-minute shut-off timer. It means you can cook while still going about other kitchen duties without the worry of your pizza burning.

Forno Magnifico didn't linger behind too; the baking stone is coated with a stain-resistant material for easy clean-up.
Additionally, the package comes with two pieces of wooden pizza peels, saving you the cost of purchasing these yourself.

With this energy-efficient baking equipment, you won't need to preheat the dome, unlike with conventional models, which take up to 1 hour to get ready for baking. Simply set it up, and get ready to bake in 10 minutes minimum!


  • Stain-resistant coating for easy cleaning
  • Highly portable compact countertop oven to use anywhere, anytime
  • It has a variable thermostat for automatic temperature regulation
  • Fast cooking with high-powered double heating elements


  • It would be better if the dome could rotate, instead of having to turn the bread by yourself
  • The 10-minute timer might not be enough to cook thick toppings thoroughly

Fusion 508FC Electric Pizza

This 19-pound pizza and snack oven from the Illinois-based Tomlinson Industries is one of the sturdiest and most durable pizza ovens in its class. It might be because it's from the reputable Tomlinson Industries, who are the leading manufacturers for non-drip chrome faucets, or they made it strong just for you.

Not only is its exterior strong, but the heating elements are too. They are quite resilient and won't break down when you least expect. In simple terms, this oven is worth your money!

It has a large compartment where you can bake 12-inch pizzas and can even make frozen pies. Although it's put in the small appliance class, its capabilities are vast and relatively unmatched by other equipment in its class.


For over 30 years, the Fusion 508C Compact Deluxe Pizza maker has been in use by the national and global frozen pizza manufacturers. It has been handsomely reviewed in the past, and as the adage goes, numbers don't lie.

First, its large and compact design allows for baking many kinds of frozen pizzas, with the rising crust style being a specialty. With its durable multiple heating elements, expect uniform cooking throughout every time you bake using this oven. It also has two temperature controls ranging from 150ºF - 450ºF.

Secondly, clean-up is easy, thanks to the heavy-duty chrome coated-baking dome. Its crumb tray is also chrome plated for easy cleaning.

There is also no limit to what snacks you can make using this oven. In 15 minutes or less, you can bake regular, thin, and thick crust pizzas in whatever style desired.

The Fusion Deluxe oven is also dominant in preparing frozen products, including frozen snack foods, pizzas, single-serve entrees, homemade cookies, home-baked cookies, and more.

If you have an extra-crispy pizza obsession, this is just the pizza maker for you. Its flip handle also comes in handy to save space in your storage cabinet.


  • Heavy-duty stainless steel exterior
  • Well-positioned heating elements for uniform performance around the oven
  • Flip handle saves on storage space
  • Easy to clean chrome plated baking tray
  • Versatile cooking for all kinds of frozen pizzas and snacks


  • Quite sizeable and not the best for a traveling companion


At this point, you have enough insights on what to look for in a good pizza maker. From this list of best pizza ovens, making a choice can be tricky. That now calls for self-evaluation and determining your specific needs and requirements before settling on any oven.

If, for instance, you want an oven to make extra-crisp pizzas and frozen snacks, the Fusion 508C Deluxe Oven is for you. If you want a highly portable oven that will cook your pizzas faster, go for the high-powered Forno Magnifico pizza oven.

Each oven presents its advantages and drawbacks, so chose carefully to avoid imminent regrets.