Best Commercial Pizza Ovens: 2022’s Buying Guide

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Best Commercial Pizza Ovens -

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Commercial pizza ovens have revolutionized pizza making and simplified the whole process by providing an efficient and reliable solution when the demand is high. These ovens can prepare different recipes. They are energy-efficient, and some have sufficient capacities to make a large pizza of up to 16 inches on their racks.

These ovens have user-friendly controls, and adjusting them to the ultimate temperature for different pizza recipes is simple. Most of the top brands have a high power efficiency that helps you reduce expenses in your business.

The maintenance required is minimal as the ovens are designed to last long without frequent maintenance. Most of the top brands take minimal kitchen space. Let’s look at reviews of some of the best commercial pizza ovens available to help make the correct selection.

Comparison Chart

KITMA 26L Countertop Convection Oven

Adcraft COH-2670W Electric Countertop Convection Oven

Waring Commercial WPO750 Double Deck Pizza Oven

Gemelli Twin Oven

Waring Commercial WCO500X Convection Oven

Best Commercial Pizza Ovens Reviews

KITMA 26L Countertop Convection Oven

The KITMA countertop pizza oven is highly rated for its large cooking capacity. This oven has a capacity of 26 liters, which is perfect for cooking 12-inch pizzas. With a power rating of 1440 watts, the oven reduces power consumption, saving you on power costs.


The KITMA countertop grill has dimensions of 19.75 x 18.75 x 15 inches, which takes minimal kitchen space. It features highly responsive heat controls that enhance heat adjustments when cooking different pizza recipes.

This oven uses convection technology when cooking, which means heat is stationary and will move from bottom to top. The heat is then blown by fans making the air circulate everywhere inside the oven. Convectional technology also helps in creating low moisture in the oven, thus caramelizing sugars and cooking faster.

The baking temperature ranges from 150 to 575 degrees F. This temperature range gives you the flexibility to make different pizzas depending on their heat requirements. A timer is added to keep track of the correct time needed to cook. It will alert you when done by producing a clicking sound.

Dirt and other stains will not stick permanently on the surfaces of the oven as the body is made of stainless steel construction that makes cleaning easy. You can simply wipe the surfaces with a piece of cloth.

The oven is highly versatile and can be used to make other foods apart from pizzas. This gives you a chance to save money as you do not have to buy a different oven for making other foods. The body is made strong and durable to withstand rough handling.

The oven has a glass window that lets you assess the level of cooking on your pizza instead of opening it. This window adds aesthetics to the oven, making it complement your taste for style in your kitchen. The glass is strong and will not break, no matter the amount of heat.


  • Fast cooking technology
  • Improved versatility - can be used for more than pizza
  • Strong and durable construction
  • Simple heat regulation options


  • Does not cook pizzas larger than 12 inches

Adcraft COH-2670W Countertop Convection Oven

The Adcraft COH-2670 is top-rated for its outstanding efficiency in cooking. The oven might look small, but the level of output it provides is almost equivalent to bigger ovens in its category. It is space-efficient and has dimensions of 26 x 25.5 x 25 inches; thus, minimum room space will be taken.

You are guaranteed to save on maintenance and power costs since the oven is designed with systems that enhance power efficiency and require minimal maintenance.


This oven has a power rating of 2670 watts and a voltage of 220 volts. With such ratings, power consumption is reduced and efficiency improved. The Adcraft COH-2670 is designed with a durable and strong construction both on the outside and inside.

The interior can handle four half-size pans, and 3 inches space separates the sheets. A strong glass is installed on the opening to help you monitor cooking in the oven without having to open it. A temperature range of 120 to 570 F is produced by the heating element, thus giving you flexibility when selecting a temperature for different pizza recipes.

Versatility is high with this oven as you are free to cook other foods apart from pizzas. The oven handles a variety of foods such as pies, bread, and meatloaves hence saving you from buying different ovens for making other meals.

A fast cooking technology is installed in the oven. It saves you time and ensures the food is cooked thoroughly as required. It uses convection heating technology; thus, less energy is used when cooking and the interior of the oven is kept moist.

Air is well-circulated thanks to the fan and an exhaust system installed. The air reaches all corners of the interior, allowing the food to cook fast. The heat control systems are manual but user friendly. A timer with an alert system is installed and clicks when the time is reached.

A one-year warranty is given and proves that the oven is designed to last long. Cleaning of the surfaces, both exterior, and interior, is simple as stainless steel is used in most parts. Stains and grease from cooking do not stick permanently on the steel and thus can be easily wiped with a piece of cloth.

This oven works well for busy businesses as it is able to meet demands from customers. The heavy-duty build on it helps it withstand frequent and rough handling.


  • Adjustable thermostat for customized settings
  • Sturdy body construction will last for years
  • User-friendly heat controls
  • Quick and simple cleaning and maintenance


  • Temperature does not exceed 570 degrees Fahrenheit

Waring Commercial WPO750 Double Deck Pizza Oven

The Waring WPO750 pizza oven is perfect for people looking to make large size pizzas. The oven is designed to handle pizzas of up to 18 inches. It utilizes a fast cooking technology to save on time and reduce the power cost. This oven is suitable for large and busy businesses as it cooks faster; hence you serve customers quickly.


This oven has a strong heating element that produces up to 840 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is suitable when cooking large pizzas as it enhances the cooking speed. The oven offers lighting in every cooking chamber for better monitoring when cooking.

An efficient alert system that is audible is installed to give alerts whenever the pizza is ready to prevent burning. A timer is added for setting a cooking time, depending on the recipe you are preparing. The cooking deck is made of ceramic, making it easy to clean. The ceramic decks also provide an even temperature distribution when cooking.

The Waring WPO750 oven features four adjustable legs; hence height can be adjusted up to four inches depending on your preference. The interior is covered with a stainless steel coating for easy cleaning and maintenance. Any grease and stains will come off smoothly when wiped.

The oven has dual doors for each cooking chamber, and the heat control for every chamber is independent. This means the ovens are versatile and can be used to cook different foods all at once at different temperatures. The timers installed are both manual and can also be operated separately. The oven has dimensions of 28 x 28 x 25; hence minimum kitchen space is taken. With a sturdy and durable body construction, the oven is suitable for use in busy businesses where it may undergo frequent rough handling.


  • Large cooking capacity for restaurants and those who like to throw parties
  • Independent heat controls for custom settings
  • Durable and strong heating elements
  • User-friendly heat controls allow anyone to use it


  • Preheating time is longer than similar models

Gemelli Twin Oven

When it comes to durability, the Gemelli twin oven has got you covered. This oven is strong, durable, and has a warranty of up to two years, giving you a long-term service. The oven is versatile and has a sufficient cooking capacity. It features advanced features that make it improve on efficiency and gives it high ratings.


The Gemelli twin oven is built to handle a number of foods at once. The oven has a separate pizza drawer that cooks 12-inch pizzas; therefore, no need for having an extra sheet pan.

A convection cooking system is used for cooking to reduce the time taken to cook and minimize power consumption. Fans ensure air is well circulated in the oven, which in turn speeds up cooking. The cooking is faster compared to standard ovens. The convectional systems also eliminate the need for preheating the oven as heat is blown by the fans providing good air circulation.

There are three racks for placing the pizzas, and all are in different positions. The oven boasts of up to eight cooking functions that make it perfect for multitasking. An interior cooking light is installed for improving visibility when monitoring your food as it cooks.

These heat controls are easy to operate and clean. The interior is covered with a non-stick coating, which helps keep the inside clean and prevents the pizza from sticking inside the oven.

Operating the oven is easy, as all controls are clearly labeled. This oven comes with a two-year warranty that gives you assurance of quality. The construction of the body is strong and durable, allowing it to withstand long term use.

With dimensions of 18.82 x 13 x 16 inches, the Gemelli twin oven will save your kitchen space. This oven can be used in businesses as it helps in reducing expenses on both power and maintenance.


  • Preheating not required to be used - speeds up the process
  • Highly versatile oven - can be used for many foods
  • Comes fitted with a drip pan to limit messes
  • Non-stick interior coating makes cleaning quick and simple


  • Does not exceed 450 degrees Fahrenheit

Waring Commercial WCO500X Convection Oven

The amount of power a commercial oven uses needs to be considered before making a purchase. A good commercial pizza oven should have minimal power consumption to reduce costs. The Waring WCO500X is perfect when looking for power efficiency. With a voltage of 120 volts and a 1700 wattage, this oven will reduce power consumption.


Cleaning and maintenance for the oven are simple as a drip pan is provided. This pan holds any excess liquids that are produced when cooking, thus making cleaning easy. The oven has a steel construction that provides smooth cleaning.

Clear glass is installed to allow you to get a view for monitoring when cooking. This glass is strong and can withstand high temperatures without breaking. The Waring WCO500X can withstand rough handling in a busy business.

The pizza oven uses a convection system for heating, thus speeding up the cooking time and reducing power consumption. The system helps in maintaining a constant temperature inside the oven hence achieving maximum temperature faster.

This oven can be used for cooking other foods apart from pizza saving you the cost of purchasing another oven for cooking different foods. The heating element can attain a temperature of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. This heat is sufficient for ensuring the pizza is well cooked and also saves you time.

With dimensions of 23 x 23 x 15 inches, this oven will take minimum kitchen space. With this brand, you are given a one-year warranty to guarantee you quality and long term service. Controls are user friendly as each is labeled with its functions.


  • High power efficiency cooks food quickly
  • Sufficient cooking capacity for large pizzas
  • Heavy-duty body build will last for years of regular use
  • High versatility - can be used for more


  • Does not exceed 500 degrees Fahrenheit


The above section has reviewed some of the top commercial pizza oven brands available on the market; therefore, making a selection should be simpler for you. Ensure that the selected brand is long-lasting and the maintenance required is minimal. Power consumption should also be minimal to help in saving costs by reducing expenses.

Your oven selection should have sufficient capacity to meet the demand from customers. Remember to consider ovens with high cooking speeds as they reduce cooking time. You can purchase power guards to protect your oven by keeping it free from short circuits. This will increase its lifespan.